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Challenge every Resistance.

Just like diamonds in the rough, the human body achieves magnificence through pressure - that's why we push ourselves with Brim Bands and fight the resistance. Join the club. Live the Brim Lifestyle. Challenge every resistance.

"These are great when you absolutely cannot go to the gym but you respect yourself enough to stay fit. Surprised how heavy I could go with the resistance. Decent alternative."

- James R.

"Brim Bands are my go to when I'm cutting weight. They're sold for mobility work as well. Absolutely recommend these bands for anyone trying to keep healthy."

- Oliver F.

Recent Reviews

"I'm abnormally busy some weeks because of work, I just don't have time for the gym most days. I end up getting a quick band workout done, keep the blood flowing and the muscles growin' baby. Still going strong!"

- Anthony M.

Hold yourself Accountable.

Push yourself everyday with increasingly difficult resistance training. Start off slow, learn the motions, gain stability,  then progress towards greatness as you increase the weight.